So what do you think?

Learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet in one day?

Sounds impossible right?

With Arabic Quick you can rapidly jumpstart your learning.

It takes some people weeks, even months to learn how to read and write Arabic but with our innovative new approach to learning you can master it in under 24 hours.

Arabic Quick takes the pain out of learning Arabic.

Through mnemonic learning devices, animated guides and spaced repetition techniques you can commit the entire Arabic alphabet to memory quickly and definitely.

Learn Arabic the Smart Way.

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About me

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My name is Bob Byrne and I created Arabic Quick.

The very first time I saw Arabic script was on a Kit Kat wrapper and it blew my mind! I was nine years old. I asked every adult and teacher I could find about it, searching for the elusive answer:

´How the hell can these beautiful little squiggles be taught, learned, recalled, written and understood?´

As my career as a comic book artist and writer rumbled along I became intrigued with language as pictures; telling stories with pictures only - without words.

I achieved my dream of being a comic artist earlier than expected and so in my twenties I dug up another impossible childhood goal: to crack these ´impenetrable´ languages and writing systems.

I started with Japanese, check it out here, I can teach you to read your first word of Japanese in 90 seconds.

I´m also working on rethinking language learning as a whole; check out Big Bad Spanish; a new way to learn by immersion

Arabic Quick aims to teach people how to read and write Arabic in just one day.

Stay tuned.

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